Support the organ for
generations to come

Time has taken its toll and Leeds Town Hall organ is in now under threat after years of wear and tear and exposure to urban pollution throughout the 20th century. If nothing is done the city is at risk of losing a truly unique wonder of Victorian design and technology and an important piece of our heritage in Leeds.

What your donation will go towards

The organ is now in urgent need of attention with annual repairs barely scratching at the surface of the real work that is needed. The organ renewal project will see the instrument undergo extensive and far reaching work, the familiar casework and some of the pipes will be retained and repaired but all of the organ’s mechanism, console and about a third of its 6500 pipes will be made new. This incredibly complex and challenging undertaking will be made possible by the closure of Leeds Town Hall in November 2021 to enable major refurbishment works in the venue. The multi-million pound project will vastly improve public access with a new lift, enhanced meeting rooms, new bar/café area, better toilet facilities and circulation areas giving visitors and customers a much improved experience. 


In 2021 we have a once in a lifetime opportunity of completely repairing and renewing this incredible instrument and secure its future for generations to come. The £1.8 million organ renewal project will bring together the leaders in the field of organ renovation to oversee this exciting and incredibly complex work – something which has never been attempted on this scale before.

The Leeds Town Hall organ was originally built for the people of Leeds and once complete, the renewed instrument will be one of the finest concert organs in the UK – one that will last for the next 150 years for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.